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The Garden Berry
140,000 45,491
Mtskheta | Agriculture
Date: 2019-09-09
For Sale- raspberry, blackberry, strawberry garden, cultivated on 5 hectares, total land area is 8 hectares. 3 acres free. The garden is located in the area of ​​New Kandy, 1800 meters from Auto Bani, the highway goes to the end, the garden is cultivated in 2017. The land is leased from the state for 25 years and paid at the end of each year. The first year's harvest sign has been given to us, and the plant has been planted, the plant is ready to harvest in the coming years, it is not poisoned with toxic chemicals, environmentally friendly preparations are used. You can build 3 acres of free land with your own seedlings.
  • An individual drip system is installed in the garden.
  • The blackberry garden is planted on acacia poles
  • 30 m2 building (living / storage)
  • Includes three phase current
Malina: Diamond, Nova, Carolina Blackberry: Chester Strawberries: Florin 12-15 root apples are also planted.

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