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National LTD
5,952,320 2,200,000
Kobuleti | Hotels
Date: 2022-11-04
Operating hotel for sale In Kobuleti, in the first strip of the sea, in a pine forest, with a green area. With children's entertainment area, fitness training simulators. 934 sq/m. The area of ​​the plot on which there is a beautiful 6-story building with a basement and an attic. whose total area is 2449 sq/m. 38 rooms equipped with all necessary equipment. Daikin (WRV) heating-cooling system is functioning in the building. All engineering communications are made of high-quality materials. High-quality wireless Internet (Wifi) and surveillance cameras are available throughout the building and the hotel. There is also a large parking lot, a spa salon, a fitness room, a billiards room, a dining room, a cellar, a room with a refrigerator, a generator, an elevator, etc. A mobile network transmission antenna is placed on the roof of the building, which will provide additional income to the future owner. For all other details contact us on the given mobile phone number.
Restaurant “Tbili Sio” for Sale!
432,896 160,000
Tbilisi | Food Services
Date: 2022-09-23
Restaurant “Tbili Sio” for Sale! Restaurant is located in the beautiful, green garden of the First Wine Factory (Vasil Petriashvili N1) in the heart of Tbilisi, under the hundred-year-old pine trees. The restaurant has six years of successful working experience and thousands of permanent guests. The restaurant has a seating capacity of 286 customers and can add around 100 seating capacity. We are offering: Branding, Logo, Website, Facebook, Instagram, Furniture, Inventory (Machine, Technic, Kitchen), The restaurant has two kitchens, one bar, five terraces, and warehouses. Central Kitchen – 53m2 Additional Kitchen – 10m2 Laundry - 10m2 Terrasses – 335m2 Summer house – 51.5 m2 Summerhouse backspace - 46m2 Space will be sold with a 5-years lease agreement.

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