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Poultry Farm Operating
1,082,237 399,999
Gardabani | Agriculture
Date: 2023-02-02
A working broiler farm equipped with the latest technology is for sale in the vicinity of Koda village. (The location is close to Tbilisi and Marneuli. Biosecurity requirements are met, and there are no other farms nearby). The farm is built in full compliance with the standards. Main features: • Farm potential - 24,000 broiler wings (annual production 144,000 wings, 6 breedings) • There are two poultry houses, each 720 sq.m + storage, and living space • Land - 2 ha, fully fenced. • There are two 8-ton bunkers • Bunkers and equipment are TAVSAN company • The management system of the leading Dutch company Hotraco is installed • The farm was built in 2019, work started in 2020. The farm is currently active. Employed 3 people - qualified manager and poultry farmers.
Winery In Mukuzani
10,822,400 4,000,000
Gurjaani | Manufacturing
Date: 2023-01-26
Great wines start from great terroirs - Mukuzani Winery is located in the unique Mukuzani Microzone, which is located on the northeastern slope of the Tsiv Gombori Range. The unique climate and relief conditions create excellent soil for Saperavi grapes. The Mukuzani micro zone is the controlled region of the winemaking. The factory is completely modernized and meets all high-quality requirements. One of the main advantages is that the plant is completely ready for operation. Mukuzani Winery was built in 2019. Today, in 2022, the plant underwent a complete renovation (the roof was updated, cosmetic repairs were made, auxiliary facilities were built). The total area owned by the enterprise is 13.9 hectares • 1.6 Hectares are non-agricultural. The main and auxiliary buildings are located on this area. • 9.8 Hectares allocated to vineyards. The cultivated grape variety is Saperavi. The vineyards are located in the Mukuzani micro zone. Stones and pebbles keep warm, so loved by vineyards, clay-limestone soil, rich in calcium carbonate and iron, gives the wine an ideal structure and a special depth of taste. The rare climate and soil in the Mukuzani micro zone allow the grapes to achieve the perfect balance of acidity and tannins. From the vineyards you can get 10 tons of wine material. • On 0.2 Hectares, there are 2 rows of 42 peach trees. • The remaining 2.3 hectares have great potential. You can plant new vineyards on it, or build a hotel. This provides additional opportunities for future development. • The production capacity of the plant is 8 million bottles per year. • Total intake of grapes 1,200,000 kg of grapes • Total storage capacity 886,000 liters • Processing of 300 tons of grapes cycle 7-10 days The volume of production is substantiated by the latest equipment from German and Italian manufacturers Factory Specification: • Italian bottling line with a capacity of 2500 bottles per hour. • 10 pieces. 29-ton red fermenter with pumps. • 3 pcs. 10-ton oak vats/bottle. • 3 pcs. 18-ton white wine fermenter. • 5 pieces. 14-ton tanks (refrigerator). • 12 pcs. 18-ton tanks (for storage). • 3 pieces of 10-ton tanks (refrigerator). • 6 pcs. 8- ton tank (refrigerator). • 3 pcs. 11-ton tank (for storage). • 3 pcs. 8-ton tank (for storage). • 6 pcs. 7.5-ton tank (for storage). • 2 pcs. 5- ton tank (For storage). • 3 pcs. 2-ton tank (For storage). • 3 pcs. 0.6- ton tank (For storage). • 2 pcs. wine pump. (Pulebo) • 2 pcs. Pomace pump. (Zimble) • 1 PC. Diatomite filter. (Zimble) • 2 pieces of refrigeration system. (Della Toffola) • 1 grape press. (Zimbel) • • 1 Destemmer. (Zimble) • 1 piece bunker. • 2 pcs. Centrifugal pump. • 250 meters of wine hose. • 1 piece paper filter. • 1 PC. Heat exchanger. • 100 pieces. oak barrels (French Oak) • 32 pcs. stand for riddling, champagne stand • 2 pcs. tractor with tent attachments + sprayer. • 1 PC. electric loader. • 1 PC. diesel loader. • 1 PC. diesel generator. • 1 PC. Scales for weighing trucks. Based on the above, the key advantages of Mukuzani Winery can be identified: • Factory location - unique, controlled Mukuzani Microzone. The region is the center of winemaking, as it provides coverage of additional wine-growing zones of Kakheti. • Modern equipment - Although the factory was built in 2019, it only produced 600,000 bottles of wine. Based on this, the equipment and the plant itself are almost unused and new. • Wine bottling line - The line is designed for different bottles. The type of bottles varies from ordinary corks to bottles with screw caps. The line can also be used for bottling cognac, with a Camus cork. • In addition to equipment, the factory has ready-made wine. 100 French oak barrels with Saperavi, ready for bottling. • In addition to oak barrels, wine is also stored in 3, 10-ton Butahs (oak vat). • A total of 52 tons of wine, ready for bottling. In addition to the above, while buying a plant, you get: • Technique for processing grapes. • Fruitful well-groomed Vineyards. • Fully tested and technically sound production. • Additionally, the company has Marble and Travertine for interior and exterior decoration of the plant. • For sale are all the assets of the company. • The trade name of the company and LLC Mukuzani Winery remains with the previous owners. • The cost of the enterprise is 4,5 million dollars. • Contact Information: • +995 599 22 99 87 Sergey Sumarokov, • +995 591 05 14 42 Irma Aleksidze,
National LTD
5,952,320 2,200,000
Kobuleti | Hotels
Date: 2022-11-04
Operating hotel for sale In Kobuleti, in the first strip of the sea, in a pine forest, with a green area. With children's entertainment area, fitness training simulators. 934 sq/m. The area of ​​the plot on which there is a beautiful 6-story building with a basement and an attic. whose total area is 2449 sq/m. 38 rooms equipped with all necessary equipment. Daikin (WRV) heating-cooling system is functioning in the building. All engineering communications are made of high-quality materials. High-quality wireless Internet (Wifi) and surveillance cameras are available throughout the building and the hotel. There is also a large parking lot, a spa salon, a fitness room, a billiards room, a dining room, a cellar, a room with a refrigerator, a generator, an elevator, etc. A mobile network transmission antenna is placed on the roof of the building, which will provide additional income to the future owner. For all other details contact us on the given mobile phone number.

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