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Glass production for sale
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Date: 2022-04-12
იყიდება მინის მოქმედი წარმოება კომლექტში,ხარისხიანი დანადგარებით (დაკომპლექტებული სპეციალისტებით): მინის წრთობის დანადგარი მინა-პაკეტის ასაწყობი ხაზი სახვრეტი დანადგარი კრომკის დანადგარი მინის მატოვკის დანადგარი. ვინტავოი კომპრესორი. დაინტერესების შემთხვევაში დაგვიკავშირდით: 591 44 07 07
Production of innovative building materials
148,270 50,000
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Date: 2022-03-29
Production of innovative building materials The company is looking for an investor partner with equity participation in the production of: EPS sandwich panels, aqua panels and tongue-and-groove panels. Injection molding with facing texture - The amount of investments from 50,000 $ - Contractual profitability of the investor from the invested amount with a phased development - There is a production line of tongue-and-groove plates of our own design in Tbilisi innovative equipment. with the possibility of manufacturing 1500-2000 m2 / month. - Trained staff - The production technology has been worked out, industrial samples have been made, an automatic line with high productivity has been developed. Sales markets: housing construction, architectural design structures, developers and individual private traders. On the local and international markets. Products differ from other manufacturers present on the market in high manufacturability, aesthetic appearance, variety of styles and models. The company is a developer of innovative building materials, fast-hardening concrete technologies (30 min. demoulding), as well as non-standard equipment for the manufacture of these products. There are patents for the invention. The business formula is the availability of all the inert materials needed for the production in Georgia at a low price.

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