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Digital Advertising Floor Stand Display
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Tbilisi | Mass Media, Advertising & Polygraph
Date: 2020-11-25
Hello. Introducing new promotional video stands! The construction is cleared through customs and is in Georgia, Tbilisi. It is a good tool for developing advertising business as well as starting a business. Download the presentation from the following link - Technical characteristics: Dimensions: 200 × 65 × 35 cm; Weight: 40 kg; Power supply: 220 V Electricity consumption: 21.6 kW per month The construction is equipped with a stereo system that provides sound propagation over a distance of 20 meters; The promotional video is visible in bright daylight; The video image is well visible from a distance of 20 meters and more; Additional feature: The electronic clock attracts the attention of the user and at the same time the advertising link is mastered. The screen is protected by shock-resistant glass. Works 24 hours a day. No need for additional maintenance. The video booth is hosted on a computer running Linux, the most trusted operating system. Places videos and pictures of different formats both with flash-memory card and online, remotely. The video stand connects to the Internet with both a built-in 4G modem and WI-FI. Place the video (commercial) remotely, using both smartphone and PC: Dropbox, Yandex Disk and Google Drive, get daily display of screenshots and screenshots. 2-year warranty from the manufacturer. - Material: Aluminum composite Made of modern construction materials - aluminum profile, composite panel, transparent acrylic. The metal frame and low center of gravity protect the video stand from tipping over. Reliable and safe construction: Anti-vandal housing and protective glass; Equipped with a protective switch to protect against overload and short circuit; Comes with a fire safety certificate. - Business Development Opportunity: The demand for video advertising is growing day by day! Video advertising is the most effective and demanded format of recent times. If you are a retailer, place a video stand in a traffic area and offer advertising to partner companies. If you are in the advertising business or want to start a business - the best way is to increase the number of advertising clients. To place a video stand, you will need to rent 1 sq.m. space in such crowded places as - large shopping malls, cinemas, business centers, railway stations, medical centers, fitness clubs. Advertising video stand allows you to make advertising available for medium, low-budget and also for "startup" companies.
Wine factory
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Date: 2020-10-26
Wine factory for sale with Qvevri wine cellar and spirit distillery in village Shilda, Kakheti. The main building of the factory was built in 1990, while Qvevri wine cellar was built earlier. The factory processes up to 3,000 tons of grapes annually and the same amount of wine can be stored there. The grape processing line is up and running and the factory is equipped with up to 170 wine tanks, 15.5 tons capacity each. Qvevri wine cellar has got around 200 qvevris, although some of them are not in a working condition. The factory has 4 grape processing bunkers and it can process 600 to 700 tons of grapes per day in total. The winery is located on an area of 1.27 hectares in the center of Shilda village. Price is negotiable, it can be bought cheaper than market price.
Hydro-mechanization Machine-building Factory
Batumi | Manufacturing
Date: 2020-03-17
AREAS, LOCATION, BUILDINGS Area of land: 78668 m2 Distance: • from Poti sea-port : 1.2км • from Poti Railway station: 2.5км • from electrical substation : 0.2км There are 14 administrative and warehousing buildings on the land. Total building area: 29721 m2 The area of the largest building: 16128 m2 TRANSPORTATION AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS The area is equipped with: • Three branches of railway • Internal roads • High Voltage Electricity • Natural gas, water, internet UTILIZABILITY OF LAND, BUILDINGS AND INFRASTRUCTURE • To produce different products and items. • Warehouse, store and process various cargoes, including containers, using the opening of the site and the building, adapting them for this purpose, as well as for the parking of vehicles and construction equipment. • For simultaneous use for both production and logistics purposes. • To create a free industrial zone by extending the area (possibility adding up to 10 additional hectares) • To organize a wholesale base for trade in different products and goods

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