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About Us

Business for Sale is the biggest and  easiest web-portal for buying and selling your business in Georgia.

Our web-portal integrates selling businesses and investment projects in Georgia.

Our service is meant for business sellers as well as potential buyers, while our service covers the following points: Gathering and processing information about businesses for sale; Advertising business/investment project via web-portal; Using different communication channels to inform potential buyers; Service of finding acceptable business for buyer; Connecting businessmen and investors and conducting negotiations.


Our Mission is to offer the most affordable, simple and qualitative service.

The mission of the web-portal Business for Sale is to offer to businessmen and investors the most convenient and the shortest way of selling and buying business.


Vision of Business for Sale is to become the best partner for business buyers/sellers in Georgia.

We desire to implement the culture of selling and buying business in Georgia.

We believe that our service will have positive impact on development of Georgian economies.