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Multi Profile Farm
1,352,800 500,000
Terjola | Agriculture
Date: 2022-01-30
2 Ha mixed farm for sale in Terjola. (Imereti).(100 meters from highway) 1 HA is used for fruit trees. (cherries, plums, apples, peaches, etc.) 2 HA are leased from the government for growing Alfalfa (not included in sale) On the remaining 1 HA for sale, there are:
  1. 3 hen houses each accommodating 1000 birds. Roofed with thermal insulation, air conditioning and ventilation.
  2. 3 free range hen houses.  Roofed with thermal insulation, air conditioning and ventilation.
  3. Cow feeding shed for 24 animals. A separate building for 40 cows. 2 maternity rooms, quarantine room. The milking parlor.
  4. Thermally insulated pig shed for 100 animals. 5 maternity cabins.
  5. Stone mill and electric saw, feed mixer. 2 warehouses, hay warehouses, chicken slaughterhouse certified by the Safety Service, as well as slaughterhouses certified by the Separate Pig and Cow Safety Service.
  6. Worker accommodation for 3
  7. Pork smokery
Livestock included consisting of 20 Holstein breed cows & 20 sows and 5000 chickens. There is existent local market + additional clients.

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