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Land in near Saburtalo
3,915,000 1,230,629
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
Total area of ​​land: 8,700 sq.m. Price: 1 sq.m. $ 150 Cadastral code: The plot is 2 km away from Tbilisi (near the university), creating ideal conditions for the construction of a residential complex. A large development project can be carried out on the land plot, which will enable the land to be utilized at maximum margin.  
Commercial Land in Telavi
1,050,000 330,054
Telavi | Auto Industry
For Sale In Telavi 8130 sq.m. A plot of land on Kvareli road. 500 meters to the new highway (projected). Near the railway. Suitable for warehousing, hotel, wine factory as well as for trading. There are 879.3 sq.m. buildings on the land plot. Cadastral code: price: 350000$
Lakes Complex Land in Lopota Valley
1,050,000 330,054
Telavi | Land
The land area is located in the Eastern Georgia, in of the most beautiful region of Kakheti, near the town Telavi, (the distance from the village consists of 400 m.) in the valley of Lopota. The total area of the land is 28,85 hectares. There are 7 artificial lakes with different depth and different size, placed on it. The total water area consists of 26 ha., average depth of the lakes - 4-5 m. The territory is located 460 m. high from the sea level. The distance from the capital of Georgia consists of 93 km. The lakes are fed by the water of the mountain river Lopota that is ecologically very clean without flowing any kind of polluted substances in. Each lake is equipped by the special machinery that allows water to flow in and out at any time we want or we can leave each of them emptied. The water flows into the lakes from a special built channel from the river Lopota. The surface of each lake is made of crushed stones. The territory is provided with electricity. In 6 km. from the land area is starting path of Tusheti. Because of the ecologically clean area the production is characterized by special flavor. In the 80s of last century the products manufactured at this place was very popular not only in Georgia but also in neighboring Armenia and Azerbaijan. price: 300000$
The PIG FARM in Mukhrani
1,590,650 500,000
Mtskheta | Agriculture
For sale a farm in Mukhrani, which is an active, profitable and growing business. There are pigs, with an average number of 300-400. The total area of ​​the land is 18600 m2. The building space in the farm is 1615 m2. All communications are in the area. The location of the farm provides the opportunity for unconditional, financial success if the roadside shop opens (pork selling point). Mukhrani is considered as main area for wholesaling of pork. The farm supplies pork permanently to the supermarket chain s "AgroHub" and a few famous restaurants. Also on the farm there is a 400 m2 artificial fish lake, a 45 m deep drinking water well and a wagon with its inventory.
Sunflower plant
1,431,585 450,000
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Sunflower Plant is located in Tbilisi and produces and sells branded, packaged sunflowers throughout Georgia. The company has a large base of trading partners and a well-established distribution system that enables the sale of up to 7 tons of sunflower per month. The main activity of a sunflower enterprise is processing, packing and distribution of sunflower. The company started operating in March 2019 and its monthly sales reached 7 tons in July. The company has established relationships with trading partners and distributes products to approximately 4,000 merchants throughout Georgia through its distribution network. Online trading partners include Spar, Fresco, Georgian Post, Gulf, Socar, Dale, Lightning, etc. The company's distribution network covers 9 minibuses and 2 carriages, covering a total of 11 sites nationwide (5 in Tbilisi, 6 in the regions). Company-owned machinery also allows the production of other types of products (ground nuts, Georgian beech, etc.) price: 800000
Restaurant / Beer Pub in Rustavi
827,138 260,000
Rustavi | Restaurants and Bars
For sale modern restaurant / beer pub which has been operating successfully for almost 1 year. The restaurant is completely renovated and equipped. The restaurant is located in Rustavi. The total area of ​​the building is 205 square meters and the yard area is 605 square meters. The restaurant has a hall, two compartments, and a terrace with tables. The restaurant features mixed cuisine and exclusive beers. Business is growing and with stable revenue.
Land on Natakhtari Industrial Zone
210,000 66,011
Mtskheta | Manufacturing
The land is located in Natakhtari Industrial Zone. The total area is 5900 sq.m. Cadastral Code: Ideal for water production, but also suitable for other types of production. price: 70000$
2,500 786
Tbilisi | IT
This is an online platform that is designed to deliver flexibility to customers across Georgia. He connects the customers with many auto parts dealers without any intermediaries as soon as possible, so he chooses the best deal for himself. There are many details. The site is not functioning properly due to a shortage of time. You need a small amount of money for advertising. Check out this link:
Hydro-mechanization Machine-building Factory
Batumi | Manufacturing
AREAS, LOCATION, BUILDINGS Area of land: 78668 m2 Distance: • from Poti sea-port : 1.2км • from Poti Railway station: 2.5км • from electrical substation : 0.2км There are 14 administrative and warehousing buildings on the land. Total building area: 29721 m2 The area of the largest building: 16128 m2 TRANSPORTATION AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS The area is equipped with: • Three branches of railway • Internal roads • High Voltage Electricity • Natural gas, water, internet UTILIZABILITY OF LAND, BUILDINGS AND INFRASTRUCTURE • To produce different products and items. • Warehouse, store and process various cargoes, including containers, using the opening of the site and the building, adapting them for this purpose, as well as for the parking of vehicles and construction equipment. • For simultaneous use for both production and logistics purposes. • To create a free industrial zone by extending the area (possibility adding up to 10 additional hectares) • To organize a wholesale base for trade in different products and goods
Hotel Euphoria
1,145,268 360,000
Tbilisi | Hotels
!!! for sale !!! Hotel located at 11 Jansug Kakhidze Street. The hotel is located on the second floor of the Italian courtyard. It has a central entrance equipped with a metal door. The hotel is new and accordingly repairs, appliances, furniture, decoration are all of the highest quality. All rooms and corridors are air conditioned and ventilated. The furniture is specially made for the hotel. The hotel is always ready to meet its guests with dignity and design. Location is better than other hotels as it is a quiet place. The hotel is equipped with security systems. With cameras and fire balloons. Interested parties can contact the administration.
79,533 25,000
Batumi | Beauty & Sports
100 sq.m. The space is rented in a stable and prestigious location in the center of the city. The rent is $ 830. The sale price includes inventory cost (including ventilation system) and high quality products (L'oreal Professional, etc.). The value added bonus also includes a business - operating a beauty salon with a friendly and professional staff that does not plan to break up.
Gas Station Equipment
45,000 14,145
Batumi | Auto Industry
Gas station farm for sale, in excellent condition. Land not for sale. Only construction with gas installations for sale. Located in Batumi.
Machine-Building Factory in Khashuri
4,771,950 1,500,000
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
JSC Mechanikosi is a machine-building factory, area 4 acres. In the city of Khashuri. Within 20 meters of the factory area there is a railway line for shipping (we can also empty the material or equipment) We have two large workshop inside factory (6000 m2) and several small workshops. The factory has 8 pieces of turning machine (including Dip 500 mark), 3-piece milling machine, 3-piece guillotine, 3-piece gear hobbing machine , 2-piece press machine, 2-piece mechanical press, 5-piece vertical drill, hydraulic bending machine, metal rolling machine , metal sloting machine, radial drilling machine, auto crane KS 450 as well as many small tools. The plant has a 2600-ton reservoir that is used to store fuel. There is also an administrative building with three floors (up to 1000 m2). The plant manufactures machinery of sand-gravel, manganese, coal, cement and many other kinds of machinery, as well as constructions. We make metal spare parts for these machines and complete repairs of the machines themselves
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