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Land in near Saburtalo
3,915,000 1,140,601
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
Total area of ​​land: 8,700 sq.m. Price: 1 sq.m. $ 150 Cadastral code: The plot is 2 km away from Tbilisi (near the university), creating ideal conditions for the construction of a residential complex. A large development project can be carried out on the land plot, which will enable the land to be utilized at maximum margin.  
Commercial Land in Telavi
1,050,000 305,908
Telavi | Auto Industry
For Sale In Telavi 8130 sq.m. A plot of land on Kvareli road. 500 meters to the new highway (projected). Near the railway. Suitable for warehousing, hotel, wine factory as well as for trading. There are 879.3 sq.m. buildings on the land plot. Cadastral code: price: 350000$
Restaurant / Beer Pub in Rustavi
892,424 260,000
Rustavi | Restaurants and Bars
For sale modern restaurant / beer pub which has been operating successfully for almost 2 year. The restaurant is completely renovated and equipped. The restaurant is located in Rustavi. The total area of ​​the building is 205 square meters and the yard area is 605 square meters. The restaurant has a hall, two compartments, and a terrace with tables. The restaurant features mixed cuisine and exclusive beers. Business is growing and with stable revenue.
The PIG FARM in Mukhrani
789,452 230,000
Mtskheta | Agriculture
For sale a farm in Mukhrani. There are pigs, with an average number of 300-400. The total area of ​​the land is 18600 m2. The building space on the farm is 1615 m2. All communications are in the area. The location of the farm provides the opportunity for unconditional, financial success if the roadside shop opens (pork selling point). Mukhrani is considered as the main area for wholesaling of pork. Also on the farm there is a 400 m2 artificial fish lake, a 45 m deep drinking water well and a wagon with its inventory.
Sunflower plant
755,128 220,000
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Sunflower Plant is located in Tbilisi and produces and sells branded, packaged sunflowers throughout Georgia. The company has a large base of trading partners and a well-established distribution system that enables the sale of up to 7 tons of sunflower per month. The main activity of a sunflower enterprise is processing, packing and distribution of sunflower. The company started operating in March 2019 and its monthly sales reached 7 tons in July. The company has established relationships with trading partners and distributes products to approximately 4,000 merchants throughout Georgia through its distribution network. Online trading partners include Spar, Fresco, Nikora, Georgian Post, Gulf, Socar, Dale, Lightning, etc. The company's distribution network covers 9 minibuses and 2 carriages, covering a total of 11 sites nationwide (5 in Tbilisi, 6 in the regions). In addition to sunflower, the company produces burbushela, batibut, ground nuts, Svan salt. A total of 20 denominations of products. Company-owned machinery also allows the production of other types of products (nuts, Georgian beech, etc.)
Vegetarian Fast Food Business
10,000 2,913
Tbilisi | Auto Industry
Vegetarian fast food business for sale (not physical Space). The business name of the business is Gobi (see: fast food It is located in the center of the city, on Iakob Nikoladze 4, Vera. The space is leased for 5 years (remaining three years), Fully maintained and equipped. Business at this point temporarily Closed due to Covid-19. Gobi was founded in December 2019 and very soon, advertising And without additional investment was able to stay loyal Emerging users and saving themselves.  Gobi cuisine presents mixed dishes, its concept is E. წ. "Take out" and "street food" concept, which is considered as quite Well-developed and world-famous Oriental street Popularization of food in the Georgian market, as well as traditional Georgian Modernization of dishes and fast food from their "table dishes" Transform into dishes. In Gobi's case these are two different kitchens Complement each other and diversify.  Gobi dishes are more designed for lunch where one or a maximum The two dishes already allow the consumer to complete, filling and At the same time a non-aggravating lunch can be enjoyed overcrowded and busy Living conditions. ერთ One of the main principles of the Gobi menu is "Gobi", there are several types of Gobi A dish is presented, one gobi is a dish of 5-7 different types and flavors Combines and thus even more varied and interesting flavors Offers to customers. About 50-60% of Gobi users called for food for different deliveries With the services, however, in addition to the calls, before the pandemic Gobi also had a spot The number of visiting users is also quite significant Increased in the summer of 2019 and Georgian consumers of foreign tourists The flow has also increased as many of them are vegetarian, vegan or healthy Food Consumer. What is for sale: a brand that has been on the market for more or less two years, Has regular and loyal customers among them Enjoys great popularity and has gained some Awareness.  Furniture (minimum)  Inventory (machines, operating utensils, tablets, Cash machine)  Logo, Facebook page (logo is not registered)  Recipes პროგრამა Restaurant program  Space lease contract - 3 years The business also owes money to distribution companies, In total 2500 GEL. Micro loan of the bank - 8300 GEL, which is in the name of the company and Which again has to be paid by the company or the buyer To take over.
Premium Quality Beauty Saloon in Tbilisi Center
240,268 70,000
Tbilisi | Beauty & Sports
Operating business (beauty center) for sale with a professional team. With its inventory and products. 400 sq.m. area and low lease on Chavchavadze Avenue in the central district of Tbilisi. + Up to 5000 users with a VIP client base. 121,000 Facebook pages and 6,000 Instagram active pages. The center has an additional 6 rooms where the following services are located: cosmetology, massage, solarium, lair epilation room, VIP service room, and room for eyebrow and eyelash procedures. The business was founded in 2018. For some reason, the business is selling at a low price.
Interesting Projects for Investing
137,296 40,000
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
I am an inventor, I have projects and I am looking for a business partner to finance projects. The first project is a robot massage table that performs complex massage procedures, the Indian company Johar is interested in creating a prototype, a non-disclosure agreement has been signed, the company has many years of experience in creating medical equipment. The second project is an integral part of the car, it reduces fuel combustion by 20-25%; Mercedes Benz was interested in the project. Negotiations are underway. The third project is to reduce natural gas consumption by 30-40%. Suitable for salons, restaurants and swimming pools, rooms where a lot of natural gas is used to heat water.
Non Agricultural Land in Samtredia
497,698 145,000
Samtredia | Land
16113 sq.m. land in the center of Samtredia, not for agricultural purposes. 8 km from Kopitnari Airport. In. The plot is fully fenced with "PKJ" material (reinforced concrete). There is a building / building (1234 sq.m., former tea factory) on the plot, which is fully subject to restoration / restoration. (It is also possible to dismantle the building and withdraw money from the materials) The plot is located next to the international company DIPLOMAT (DIPLOMAT GEORGIA). The plot can be used as a warehouse as well as for many other purposes. The plot has two access roads.
Tesla Tours Georgia
8,581 2,500
Tbilisi | Other
For sale fully functional travel website for Tesla Tours. Price includes: 1) Domain 2) Fully functional website with tours and professional photos 3) Online booking and payment systems 4) Easily customizable wordpress Theme
Beauty Centre with Premium Quality
240,268 70,000
Tbilisi | Beauty & Sports
Operating business (beauty center) for sale with a professional team. With its inventory and products. 400 sq.m. area and low lease on Chavchavadze Avenue in the central district of Tbilisi. + Up to 5000 users with VIP client base. 121,000 Facebook pages and 6,000 Instagram active pages. The business was founded in 2018. For some reason the business is selling at a low price. Contact me: 511150999
Shawarma/Pizzeria Chain in Saburtalo
Tbilisi | Food Services
business for sale, the famous network of cafe Sashaurme pizzeria "Topshaurma", with the best repairs and the latest equipment in a crowded place in Tbilisi, Saburtalo. Price is negotiable.
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