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Restaurant in ,,Nataxtari''
1,700,000 GEL
Tbilisi |
The restaurant is successfully functioning since 2016 and offers guests Georgian and European cuisine. The space is 1729 sq/m and building area is 845 sq/m. In case of full load the restaurant has the opportunity to receive 330 guests. The buildings consist of 3 parts: 1. Coupes 275 sq/m; 2. Hall and auxiliary space 430 sq/m; 3. Kitchen 140 sq/m. 4 compartments: 1 urban type, 22 person; 2 and 3, 10 persons; 4 VIP Type Asian Hall (,,Erekle'' Hall) for 35 persons, an independent toilet and a resting room;
Farm in Adjara
650,000 USD
Batumi | Agriculture
A business for sale in Adjara, a farm located near the river. The area of the land is 1.2 hectares. At this stage the farm is built on quail and rabbits, constructed at 2200 m² Building premises are also built with compact standards refrigerators that are divided into cameras,
Commercial Space
210,000 USD
Batumi | Other
Commercial space for 380 sq.m in Batumi, is on the first floor of the newly constructed building.The building is located in a populated place, where the water and electricity are added to the territory.
Land with vineyards
600,000 USD
Tbilisi | Auto Industry
20 hectares registered land for sale in Kvareli region. 11 hectares of vineyards are cultivated here. The following species of grape varieties are: In 3,6 hectares of Saperavi variety, 1,2 ha in the third year Saperavi (filled), 2,6 ha in the fourth year Saperavi and 3,4 hectares of Rkatsiteli, Khvevi and Manavi green. On the other part of the plot, Ianja is planted. There is also a capital building in the north and south walls of the area of ​​288 sq.m.
Land for sale in Akhalkalaki
900,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Agriculture
Land for Sale in Akhalkalaki, Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway, near the Akhalkalaki International Railway Station, 250 meters away. The place is very promising, because As soon as Akhalkalaki Station provides both freight and passenger transport, Baku-Tbilisi-Istanbul Railway will operate the latest, modern trains.
Hostel for sale
8,000 USD
Tbilisi | Hotels
High rating Hostel in the Center of old Tbilisi is for sale. The hotel is equipped with the necessary inventory and technique.
Hotel in Bakuriani
3,900,000 GEL
| Hotels
The hotel is located in Bakuriani, near the Didveli skiing. The hotel is 5 floors and its total area is 1700 sq.m. The total area of ​​commercial space is 470 sq.m.The 31 rooms are available, 7 of which are lux type and 24 standard rooms. The maximum number of people in the hotel is 100 people. The hotel is an operating business and has been renovated in 2018. The hotel has a parking, a large hall, a drink bar and a billiard table.
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