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Hotel Hospitality Business
36,000,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Hotels
Investment project in Old Tbilisi, Baratashvili. The land area is 4,422 m2. The model of the building is of old style with exterior and modern design. On the top floor of the hotel there will be two premium class restaurants with open and closed space. The hotel project is a 5 storey building with 81 rooms, 60 standard, 10 deluxe and 11 family rooms. From the hotel you can see the sights of Tbilisi: Monumental statue of Kartli's mother, Narikala fortress, Trinity Cathedral. price: 12000000$
The PIG FARM in Mukhrani
2,400,000 GEL
Mtskheta | Agriculture
For sale a farm in Mukhrani, which is an active, profitable and growing business. There are pigs, with an average number of 300-400. The total area of ​​the land is 18600 m2. The building space in the farm is 1615 m2. All communications are in the area. The location of the farm provides the opportunity for unconditional, financial success if the roadside shop opens (pork selling point). Mukhrani is considered as main area for wholesaling of pork. The farm supplies pork permanently to the supermarket chain s "AgroHub" and a few famous restaurants. Also on the farm there is a 400 m2 artificial fish lake, a 45 m deep drinking water well and a wagon with its inventory.
Area for a winery
2,400,000 GEL
Gurjaani | Manufacturing
4 hectares of empty land for sale in the village of Akasheni, Gurjaani district, on Kakheti highway. Cadastral code:
Sunflower plant
1,800,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Sunflower Plant is located in Tbilisi and produces and sells branded, packaged sunflowers throughout Georgia. The company has a large base of trading partners and a well-established distribution system that enables the sale of up to 7 tons of sunflower per month. The main activity of a sunflower enterprise is processing, packing and distribution of sunflower. The company started operating in March 2019 and its monthly sales reached 7 tons in July. The company has established relationships with trading partners and distributes products to approximately 4,000 merchants throughout Georgia through its distribution network. Online trading partners include Spar, Fresco, Georgian Post, Gulf, Socar, Dale, Lightning, etc. The company's distribution network covers 9 minibuses and 2 carriages, covering a total of 11 sites nationwide (5 in Tbilisi, 6 in the regions). Company-owned machinery also allows the production of other types of products (ground nuts, Georgian beech, etc.)
Land in near Saburtalo
1,305,000 USD
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
Location: Mtskheta municipality, near Napetrevisi road near Tbilisi. Total area of ​​land: 8,700 sq.m. Price: 1 sq.m. $ 150 Cadastral code: The plot is 2 km away from Tbilisi, creating ideal conditions for the construction of the Townhouse type residential complex. There is a large development project on the land plot that will allow land utilization at maximum margin. The proposed project implies arrangement of the townhouse type residential complex on the land plot with the following characteristics: 27 two-storied, isolated residential house; Each living area is 250 sq.m. ; Duration of the project - 2 years; Total investment volume except land value - $ 2,360,000.
Commercial Land in Telavi
1,050,000 GEL
Telavi | Auto Industry
For Sale In Telavi 8130 sq.m. A plot of land on Kvareli road. 500 meters to the new highway (projected). Near the railway. Suitable for warehousing, hotel, wine factory as well as for trading. There are 879.3 sq.m. buildings on the land plot. Cadastral code:
1,050,000 GEL
Gurjaani | Agriculture
Vineyard for sale 10 hectares, full harvest, Rkatsiteli, additional 7 hectares free space, the vineyard is located in the village of Akasheni, Gurjaani district, in the vicinity of Leli.
Refrigerator to store fruits and vegetables
1,050,000 GEL
Gurjaani | Agriculture
Refrigerator for storage of fruits and vegetables, 300 ton, refrigerator is located in the village of Akasheni, Gurjaani district, on Kakheti highway. The refrigerator is equipped with up-to-date Technolux appliances. The fridge consists of 4 sections and is remotely controlled. There is also an office space. Temperature range from -5 to +18 degrees Celsius. The refrigerator has an independent transformer. Refrigerator is located at 2500 sq.m. On land, within 20 meters of the highway. Has the ability to expand. Cadastral code:
Land on Natakhtari Industrial Zone
210,000 GEL
Mtskheta | Manufacturing
The land is located in Natakhtari Industrial Zone. The total area is 5900 sq.m. Cadastral Code: Ideal for water production, but also suitable for other types of production.
land in signagi
37,500 GEL
Sighnaghi | Land
Urgently! 10 hectares of land for sale in Sighnaghi district. Mine. The land is currently under analysis, the conclusion can be found in the pictures. N / A: (Nucrian's edge). The land is in the right terrain. This plot is black soil and can be used for both cereal and perennial crops. price: 125000$
Invention of mechanical gates
2,000,000 GEL
Zugdidi | Manufacturing
I sell a mechanical door manufacturing license. An innovative invention whose production license is approved by the World Licensing Committee.
Production of ceramics
870,000 GEL
Mtskheta | Manufacturing
Ceramics factory with German oven. Manufactures yard and wall facing tiles, bottles and other ceramics. price: 290000$
Sailing perspective commercial building
39,000 GEL
Gori | Other
Commercial space for sale in Gori on Royal street 35, the building is 200 sq.m One part is broken down, though it is quite solid building. Ideal for a restaurant, café or organization, it also has the potential for expansion. Price: $ 13000
4,500 GEL
Tbilisi | IT
Weddinginfo is a portal through which you can plan your wedding without leaving home. Our goal is to make your wedding day one of the most beautiful in your life. On our website you will be able to find all the important details without leaving home that will make your wedding an unforgettable day. Select the desired companies, get contacts. Simplify wedding preparations. That's the essence of business, Due to lack of time I cannot look at this business. I sell the logo design and site for what it cost. Price: $ 1500
Fruit tree nursery
1,560,000 GEL
Gori | Agriculture
Fruit tree nursery for sale Village of Little Garejvari in Gori Municipality Located on 23 hectares of land. Capital fence Complex transformer unit 100 kW Office building, bathroom and kitchen Warehouses (open and closed) Refrigerator Warehouse 25 sq.m, with 2019 installations Reservoir basin 800 cubic meters Full area drip irrigation system Electro valves (Israel) 2 hectares cultivated and in full swing The Garden (Annual Potential 3540 Tons) 1,4 hectares of fruit orchard fully grown (Apple, pear, cherry) Various seedlings of 1 200 000 GEL for sale Apple root M9 100 000 pieces Price 520 000 USD
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