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8,680,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Restaurants and Bars
The operate restaurant in ,,Digomi'' for sale, now rented for 15 000 dollars.
Cottages in Bakuriani
1,500,000 USD
Tbilisi | Hotels
Cottages in the center of Bakuriani, which is located on 30 735 sq/m non agricultural land, for sale. Cottages were built in 1984 (Green Valley).
Hotel in Bakuriani
2,000,000 USD
Tbilisi | Hotels
There is a hotel for sale in the central part of Bakuriani. Hotel is located on the 3500 sq/m land. Building has 4 floors + basement, whole building area is 5187 sq/m. Hotel is considered for 76 rooms.
Land in Kakheti
630,000 GEL
Telavi | Other
There is a land for sale in Kakheti, 7 km from Telavi. Land is located 70 km from Tbilisi , it will take about 1 and half hour for journey from capital to this place.Full size of land is 10035 sq/m, 6615 sq/m is non-agricutural and 4040 sq/m agricultural. On the 6615 sq/m land is located 2 floored ancient school  building, with space of 800 sq/m.
Hotel in Rustaveli
1,600,000 USD
Tbilisi | Hotels
Hotel in Rustaveli for sale. 3 floor building with 17 rooms. Close to the subway ,,Rustaveli''. operated by all furniture and appliances. Perfect place for tourists.
Pig-farming complex
3,000,000 USD
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Company established in 2012. Company experienced success from the beginning and nowadays, it has stabile sales growth tendency. In 2014 classic swine-fever pervaded in the farm which caused death of whole amount of animals (11,000 pigs). Rehabilitation plan considers prevention strategies, which nearly eliminates chances to repeat 2014 incident. Moreover, founders are offering to investors additional investment guarantees: Partners will hand land plot over to investor. Land’s market price is $3.500.000
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