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50 room Hotel in Sololaki
14,000,000 USD
Tbilisi | Hotels
For Sale 50 room newly renovated high level 4,000 m2 building. Hotel has: Restaurant, Conference Room It can add numbers, and it is An 80 room hotel, Ideally located with parking, made out Of modern interior and interior Views, works Perfectly, Is the central road On the edge. The maximum number of guests is 200.
Hotel Hospitality Business
12,000,000 USD
Tbilisi | Hotels
Investment project in Old Tbilisi, Baratashvili. The land area is 4,422 m2. The model of the building is of old style with exterior and modern design. On the top floor of the hotel there will be two premium class restaurants with open and closed space. The hotel project is a 5 storey building with 81 rooms, 60 standard, 10 deluxe and 11 family rooms. From the hotel you can see the sights of Tbilisi: Monumental statue of Kartli's mother, Narikala fortress, Trinity Cathedral.
The PIG FARM in Mukhrani
800,000 USD
Mtskheta | Agriculture
For sale a farm in Mukhrani, which is an active, profitable and growing business. There are pigs, with an average number of 300-400. The total area of ​​the land is 8600 m2. The building space in the farm is 1615 m2. All communications are in the area. The location of the farm provides the opportunity for unconditional, financial success if the roadside shop opens (pork selling point). Mukhrani is considered as main area for wholesaling of pork. The farm supplies pork permanently to the supermarket chain s "AgroHub" and a few famous restaurants. Also on the farm there is a 400 m2 artificial fish lake, a 45 m deep drinking water well and a wagon with its inventory.
Sunflower plant
600,000 USD
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Sunflower Plant is located in Tbilisi and produces and sells branded, packaged sunflowers throughout Georgia. The company has a large base of trading partners and a well-established distribution system that enables the sale of up to 7 tons of sunflower per month. The main activity of a sunflower enterprise is processing, packing and distribution of sunflower. The company started operating in March 2019 and its monthly sales reached 7 tons in July. The company has established relationships with trading partners and distributes products to approximately 4,000 merchants throughout Georgia through its distribution network. Online trading partners include Spar, Fresco, Georgian Post, Gulf, Socar, Dale, Lightning, etc. The company's distribution network covers 9 minibuses and 2 carriages, covering a total of 11 sites nationwide (5 in Tbilisi, 6 in the regions). Company-owned machinery also allows the production of other types of products (ground nuts, Georgian beech, etc.)
Farm in Bakuriani
140,000 USD
Bakuriani | Other
For sale a farm and 3 hectares of land near Bakuriani (within 9 km), the farm is designed for 100 total cows (350 square meters). Also a special room for house and cheese extractor 90 square. Situated in a healthy, ecologically clean, beautiful area, surrounded by forests and rivers.
Farm in Kareli
80,000 GEL
Gori | Agriculture
Furnished farm for sale in 37 people in Kareli. The building space is 150 m2, the land area is 1000 m2. The building has been fully repaired and repairs are still underway. Currently the farm is not operational and the building has 15 m2 of storage space.
Block Machine
70,000 USD
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
For sale BESS Mark PRS 600 Semi-Automatic Block Machine. With a semi-automatic operating system, the concrete slip molding works perfectly on the ground surface. Designed for 24 hour work. We also have different automation systems and volume production. You can only produce: up to 5cm / 25cm material if it is to be modified, such as: cavern, block, isoblock, curbs, floor tile, fireplace stone or concrete. Daily production (in 8 hours) is 6,000 blocks and 400 m² of cement. Bunker count / single bunker, operator control system. With the help of an experienced work team, load-transfer and clearance-like work, without your intervention. We do all this work ourselves.
8-room hotel in Isani
529,000 USD
Tbilisi | Hotels
Current hotel for sale in Isani, newly renovated. Everything remains in the hotel, the total space is 500 m2, 250 storey building with 2 floors, has a veranda, 8 rooms, 2 kitchens, 1 hall.
12-room Hotel on Vera
850,000 USD
Tbilisi | Hotels
Newly renovated hotel for sale in Vera, which is fully operational. Have Helios system, autonomous water reservoir. Own elevator, equipped with all comfort and beautiful design, equipment and equipment. Panoramic view over Tbilisi and Mtatsminda. The hotel is 5 storey, 500 m2 and has 12 rooms.
10 room hotel on Saburtalo
650,000 USD
Tbilisi | Hotels
Newly built 3 storey hotel for sale in Saburtalo, rented for 5 years $ 3000. Nutsubidze Pine Forest, 900 meters from Metro University. Beautiful views, 24-hour security. The yard area is 800 sq. M. The hotel space is 580 m² and consists of 15 rooms, 10 bedrooms, 3 storeys.
Non-agricultural land
185,700 USD
Kutaisi | Land
Land for sale in Kutaisi Right Settlement, near Parliament, non-agricultural. There are 1000 sq. M of land on the land, which are operational and rented. A state-funded project is being implemented nearby and 25 residential buildings are being built. The land area is 3804 m2.
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