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Land with building for sale
2,000,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Land for sale in the territory of underground ,,Nadzaladevi''. (Former pharmaceutical base, still Georgian-Swedish pharmaceutical production, DOES NOT FUNCTION). 1 floor is completely renovated, has air triple cleaning equipment (pharmaceutical enterprise GMP standard). 2,3 and 4 floors have been repaired for half a 200-200 sq/m. It has a basement over four meters high.
Restaurant in ,,Nataxtari''
2,000,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Restaurants and Bars
The restaurant is successfully functioning since 2016 and is hosted by traditional Georgian and European dishes. He has an opportunity to receive 330 guests (including  garden space - 500 guests). There are four coupes in the territory: I-urban type, 22 persons. II-III 10 person. IV - VIP type Asian room, 35 persons.
Auto service
1,400,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Auto Industry
Auto service which is successfully functioning since 2013, for sale. The area is enclosed with capital concrete and has an electronic metal door. Area - 2408 m². Building area - 700 m². (305 m² warehouse, 350 m² service). Administrative building - 90 m². Kitchen and 2 bathrooms.
290,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Restaurants and Bars
Successful European restaurant in ,,Saburtalo'', one of the most attractive places, for sale. The restaurant is functioning for 4 years. It is distinguished with a wide variety of menu and a large assortment of cocktail. The area is leased, the lease monthly cost is $ 4000.
535,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Beauty & Sports
The company is looking for a business partner, 80% share, for a fitness club. The fitness club is located at 620 sq/m. The area has been renovated and has already spent 220 000 GEL. For the remaining inventory and equipment we need 535 000 GEL. Within 1 month from enrollment, we will be able to open a fitness.. The business advantage location (nearby territory of underground ,,Guramishvili). There is no fitness club with 5 km radius. The demand for the population is quite large. The area taken by rent and monthly lease cost 12 000 GEL.
Advertising Company
26,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Mass Media, Advertising & Polygraph
Advertising Company For sale Currently, the company's account is 20000 GEL amount, which automatically will be delivered to you. Also, the company's platform is located on Amazon servers in Frankfurt and one year is not required to pay, while the platform is set, tested and running smoothly.
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