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commercial area
2,500,000 GEL
Tbilisi |
The commercial area in Abashidze street for sale. The area is 210 Sq/m. The place rented by restaurant
Hotel in Bakuriani
1,115,000 GEL
Bakuriani |
Hotel located in Bakuriani in attractive place for tourists. The  territory is 3400 Sq/m. Hotel was built with Austrian technologies which implies "Shale" system. There is 23 room which includes 9 duplex type and 14 standard. There is perspective to broad hotel up to 53 rooms. In Hotel already invested 1,800,000 GEL.
Cottages in Bakuriani
990,000 GEL
Bakuriani |
Operate wooden cottages complex with feeding block, for sale. there are 5 wooden cottages and one large building in the yard. Area of the yard - 1291 sq/m.
Commercial Space
910,000 GEL
Tbilisi |
The space is located in a crowded place on the first floor. This area was used by famous bookmaker company. It isn't rented for today.
Mining Data Center
630,000 GEL
Tbilisi |
Mining data center for sale. Territory includes: 2 containers with mining slots, filters, network, switches and electricity rack. Office container, which includes: Office furniture, computer, cameras with security service. Transformer with 630 KwH capacity.
land in ,,poti''
600,000 GEL
Poti |
12 000 sq/m land for sale in ,,Poti'. This territory is located by side from "Tegeta Motors". It can be used for many types of purposes. The cost of the sq/m is $25.
Fitness club
535,000 GEL
Tbilisi |
The company is looking for a business partner, 80% share, for a fitness club. The fitness club is located at 620 sq/m. The area has been renovated and has already spent 220 000 GEL. For the remaining inventory and equipment we need 535 000 GEL. Within 1 month from enrollment, we will be able to open a fitness
Cottages in Ureki
475,000 GEL
Kobuleti |
Cottages in Ureki for sale. The space is 290 Sq.m and it is located on strategically interesting site. The business is consistent and has been functioning for 1 year. There are 4 cottage on the territory and each cottege can host 6 guests.
Land On Shaori Lake
250,000 GEL
Ambrolauri |
The owner has several land plots on Shaori lake (Racha region) and is looking for business partners for developing a hotel.
Bar-Restaurant, Cellar
155,000 GEL
Tbilisi |
Bar-Restaurant located in New ,Agmashenebeli' street for sale. The object is functioning one and half  year. The object is new, all necessary, high quality interior and exterior furniture and equipment, kitchen equipment and equipment. The main sign of the mentioned object is the extraordinary wine cellar, Georgian wine producers and family traditional wine collections.
Ice Cream and Sausage Factory in Telavi
2,399,996 GEL
Telavi | Manufacturing
Ice Cream and Sausage Factory for sale in Telavi, Kakheti.
paperwork company
1,500,000 USD
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Paper packing materials producing factory for sale
Commercial Space on Kostava Str.
1,708,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Other
Commercial space on Vera area, on Kostava str. for sale. The space is 600 Sq.m and located on a crowded place. The place currently is used for office space. There are 17 rooms, kitchen, bathrooms and air-cooled server room
Beauty Salon and Fitness
60,000 USD
Tbilisi | Beauty & Sports
Operational Beauty and fitness center which offers customers different services The salon is located in Didi Digomi,  in the two floor building with total area of 350 sq.m. The salon is equipped with all the necessary inventory and communication system. The Center offers its customers: fitness and aerobics, cosmetologist service, manicure and pedicure, diet and relax massage, stylist service, diode epilation.
Land On Shaori Lake
250,000 GEL
Ambrolauri |
The owner has several land plots on Shaori lake (Racha region) and is looking for business partners for developing a hotel.
Russian-Swedish Brand
185,000 GEL
Tbilisi | Retailing
Successful shop on Rustaveli  Avenue for sale. Business activity includes import and retail sales of products by Russian-Swedish brand in Georgia.
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