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Customs warehouse
1,799,200 650,000
Tbilisi | Wholesale & Distribution
A customs warehouse is for sale, located in Tbilisi, on the bypass road, Omar Khizanishvili Street, N292. Land cadastral code: The land area is 7925 square meters. There are two buildings on the plot of land. Building N1 has two floors, it has warehouse, office and cold storage areas (708 sq.m.). Height 10 meters. Building N2 is an auxiliary industrial space (76.1 sq.m.). Sale price: 650,000 USD (excluding VAT).
Phone, laptop and camera accessory
249,120 90,000
Tbilisi | Retailing
we have 2 branch one in Tbilisi and one in Batumi, and also an online store, wolt and extra. we have more than 8000 items in stock. we are official reseller of Toocki and Neewer
100,000 36,127
Tbilisi | IT
A fully functional e-commerce type website is for sale. The business is being sold with the source code. It includes a database of both teachers and registered students.
49,000 17,702
Batumi | Food Services
Profitable business for sale, pizzeria Pizza-Mizza, Batumi, Georgia Identification number: 445611945 Pizzeria Pizza-Mizza is located in the central district of Batumi, at Rustaveli 11. Pizza-Mizza has been in existence for 5 years and has a large number of loyal customers. The location is crowded with both tourists and locals. The pizzeria is profitable, turnover within 20,000₾ (7500 USD) per month, profit 15%. Only business for sale, no real estate, although the real estate rental price is very low (600₾/ 225USD per month), which will be maintained until the end of the year. Pizza-mitsa stands out for its high-quality products. Our pizza dough is made with "Caputo" Italian flour, following a 24-hour fermentation, and the pasta is homemade, made on site, using the appropriate Italian flour “Mininni”. We use the highest quality meat from “Marche” and all pizza and pasta sauces are home-made. Current numbers: • Turnover in the last 12 months - 227,500₾ (85 500 USD) • Average monthly turnover currently - 19,000₾ (7150 USD) • Profit 15% - 2850₾ (1050 USD) • Similar period of this year to last year - % increase (January-May) - 2023 = 51,500₾ (18 800USD) and 2024 = 64,000₾ (23 000USD) - increase of 24% Forecast data (assuming a 24% increase) • Expected total gross turnover in 2024 - 240,000₾ (90 200 USD) • Expected average monthly turnover in 2024 - 20,000₾ (7500 USD) • Expected average monthly profit (15%) - 3000₾ (1100USD) In addition, what is included in the purchase price: • Inventory purchased in March 2023, complete set, everything works perfectly • Soc. Media channels and brand: o Facebook 8300 active followers o Instagram 2500 active followers o Google - 4.6 rating o Brand book o Web-page • Proper sales channels (Wolt, Glovo, Bolt) and necessary technical equipment (laptop and tablets) • Ready calculations, recipes (pizzas, pastas and salad) • Proper distribution and packaging material channels • Handing over the case and relevant training from the cook • Renovation done in 2023 • Photo gallery As said real estate is rented, 600₾/225 USD per month, which will be maintained until the end of the year! Pizzeria has 12 seats (6 inside/6 outside)to accommodate customers.
120 43
Tbilisi | Food Services
Fitshaurma is a healthy concept shaurma, where, unlike its competitors, low-calorie shaurma is prepared with a special sauce. The dryer is equipped with all the necessary equipment, it will not be necessary to buy or add anything. The distribution system is also perfectly organized. Marinated meat, vegetables and lavash are brought to the site by relevant companies. I will also share their contact information with you if you wish. Currently, 40-50 kg are sold daily. meat. The minimum daily income is 1200 and the maximum is 2200 GEL. Accordingly, the monthly income of the object ranges from 50 to 60 thousand. The sauna is located on Saburtalo, Bakhtrioni street, in a crowded place. The owner of Fitshaurm is a well-known YouTuber and influencer, which is why the site has both loyal and constantly growing customers. In case of interest, the brand is also for sale, that is, you can leave the name if you wish and continue your activity under the already popular brand. Sauhurme also has an Instagram page, where we have more than 8,000 followers. In addition, we have a friendly team of professionals. The staff consists of six employees, and in this regard, you will not have to spend additional resources and energy. The price of the dryer is 150,000 GEL.
Game Factory
30,448 11,000
Tbilisi | Entertainment Industry
Selling active business in Tbilisi, Ilo Mosashvili Str.8 }} 6PS5, 6 4K TV. Rent 700$. For more details call us 📞
bingo royal
692,000 250,000
Tbilisi | Entertainment Industry
electronic bingo for sale, everything is done by standard and ready to work, we even have already prepared stuff, you can start operating in a week, the license is done and active till 2027, also the business is selling with the license of distribution, so you can be the only one who can sell this type of technology in the Caucasus, a reason to sell, the owner is leaving the country
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