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Orchard in Kareli - 16 Ha
774,169 249,998
Tbilisi | Auto Industry
Date: 2021-07-15
Orchard for sale in Kareli district. Cadastral code: The total land area is 16 hectares. Cultivated: apples - 2 ha, plums - 5 ha, cherries - 1.6 ha, cherries - 0.4 ha. The rest of the land is empty and about 4.4 hectares can still be used (internal roads take up some area). With drip irrigation system. Drip tubes are brought to each tree. There is a pump building, reservoirs for 70 tons. An auxiliary booth is arranged. Electricity is there. The water supply system is through the Mtkvari river canal. It is fenced with barbed wire, the plot is 1 km from the asphalt road (Skra-Osiauri highway), the bridge will be built on the canal soon and the plot from the asphalt will be 300 meters away. The garden has been planted in stages since 2011. The garden also has a caretaker.

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