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Hotel in Bakuriani
4,200,150 1,500,000
Bakuriani | Hotels
Date: 2024-04-28
A hotel complex in Bakuriani, in a fabulously beautiful place, on the edge of the forest, is for immediate sale. A small river flows in front of the hotel, which creates a special microclimate and makes the vacation charming in both winter and summer seasons. The hotel has 10 rooms, 440 sq.m., newly renovated, appliances are installed. 4 rooms are 1-room, the other 6 are duplexes, with their own small living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. The hotel complex also includes an adjacent house, 140 sq.m. furnished with furniture and appliances, a large living room and 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Also included in the price is the adjacent 900 sq.m. land, where you can build a few more cottages if you wish (we have a permit), or further develop the hotel infrastructure, for example; Arrangement of a pool, installation of a trampoline, arrangement of swings, courts, badminton court and others. It is an ideal investment. Call me,(+995) 591 96 20 11 I am the owner.
Swimming Pool (Commercial)
2,128,076 760,000
Mtskheta | Hotels
Date: 2024-01-27
A commercial pool and at the same time a multifunctional space that includes: pool with sunbeds and mattresses, changing rooms with storage cabins (42), bathrooms for women and men (2), utility room (2), kitchen 15 sq. (2-compartment cooker, 3 refrigerators, hood, shelves, work tables, sink), bar equipped (shelves, ice machine, sink and interior space completely arranged and furnished), restaurant area (fully furnished with couches, chairs, plates, glasses, cutlery , salt shaker, decanters, etc. complete, also projector and screen, standing lights, towels (150), pool vacuum, hoses Pool is heated and indoor space is heated which fall, winter, spring rent for parties and corporate events. The tables are made of oak and everything that is made and placed is of the best materials. There is also a roof or an upper space of 240 sq.m. which can be used for different purposes (as a hotel rooms, veranda and other)

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