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An online platform for handmade items
15,484 5,000
Tbilisi | Retailing
Date: 2021-06-04
Urgently for sale multi-vendor operating online store, integrated payment of TBC Bank (it is possible to add any other bank). The site also has a PayPal payment feature. Operates since 2019, current profile: sale of Georgian handicrafts (both in Georgia and abroad). The site integrates the Georgian Post Calculator (for calculating the shipping cost by weight, both within the country and abroad for each country). Currently, 474 vendors are registered and more than 900 products are posted on the site. If desired, can be used for any profile online store. Its content is a market hub, with a flexible system of communication with suppliers and buyers. Assembled cs-cart multivendor engine The package includes working and active Facebook and Instagram profiles. The site also has an integrated online chat (for one operator) Livezilla and e-mail system. Website The store is for sale due to the owners' lack of time and the lack of resources for the marketing campaign.

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