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Factory of Polystyrene Block
309,670 100,000
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
Date: 2021-03-22
60% of the existing polystyrene-concrete block factory for sale. The factory is semi-automatic. The block is manufactured with the technology of the German company BASF GmbH and belongs to the light concrete class. The product is in accordance with the European standard and no similar block is produced in Georgia. The characteristics of the block are: energy efficiency, heat resistance, noise resistance, fire resistance, moisture resistance, lightness, density - B20-22, specific weight - D500 (1 m 3 - 500 kg). The factory equipment is spread over 1200 sq.m. 800 blocks are produced in one shift (quantity can be increased upon request). The dimensions of the block are 60x30x10, 60x30x15, 60x30x20, 60x30x30 (2.5 times the size of a normal block) The factory is equipped with cement silage (80 tons), mixer-dispensers, sand hopper (25 cubic meters), elevators (2 pcs.), Electric screen, polystyrene blower, three sections of polystyrene silos, steam generator set, saws set With forms (min. 33 pcs.), Terfer (2 pcs.), Loaders (pagrushiki), etc. P.S. The use of energy efficient construction materials (including the above-mentioned block) will become mandatory in Georgia from July 2021. Location - Tbilisi, Zemo Samgori.  
Building Materials & Household Products Store
100,000 32,292
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
Date: 2019-10-30
Store space is 90 square meters and warehouse area is 25 square meters. Products include the following species: - Plumbing (sewage, drinking water) - Electricity (power cables, switch, rosette, machine gun, vent, extension, lamp, etc.) - Mechanical working tools (hammer, saw, screwdriver, brush, etc.) - Power tools (Driel, Bargalka, Lobzik, hair dryer, etc.) - Dry masses (cement, glue, gage, etc.) - Construction Chemistry (Hermetic, Foam, Glue, etc.) - 1000 items (glove, items, rope, pulverizer, etc.) - consumables (bolts, drills, etc.) - Plaster-cardboard tiles and its accessories (profiles, hangers, etc.) - Paints (oily, nitro, water based, etc.) - Pipes (water, gas, etc.) - Household (rubbish bins, stairs, brooms, floor cleaners, sanitary ware, etc.) The shop purchases, sells and accounts for products and balances using the FINA Manager software. Accounting is done in the accounting program "Fina Accounting". Accordingly the operating and accounting side of the store is synchronized, which simplifies the workflow. The shop is equipped with shelves and shelves totaling about 7000 GEL. The online store is designed and ready for use. Photographs of each product were processed, processed and posted on the website along with the price. Website Ready to Run - TBC Bank Payments Built-in. The mentioned works amounted to about 6000 GEL. Shop monthly expense Store Rent - $ 700 / month Warehouse rent - $ 200 / month Store Manager Salary (on hand) - 1500₾ / month Cashier-consultant salary (on hand) - 550₾ / month Accountant's salary (on hand) - 320₾ / month Maid's salary (at hand) - 150₾ / month Internet - 55₾ / month Utility - 80₾ / month Victoria Security - 80₾ / month Shop financial highlights Total value of the products on the balance of the store - 67 164₾ Total value of products brought to the store by consignment - 14 055₾ The LLC does not have any financial obligations to the Bank or any other financial institution. The financial liability of the LLC is solely the consignment.
Blokis danadgari.dazga.samqro.stanoki
2,055,900 663,900
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
Date: 2019-10-30
For sale VESS brand, 10.1 fully automatic unit; Designed for 24 hour operation. Special automated engines have very fast and high quality production capacity. To change the shape only from 2 cm / 40 cm to all height; Boilers - Block - Isoblok - Curbs - Interlocking tile - Fireplace stone and concrete can be manufactured. Daily volume (in 8 hours) 10.000 units / 700 m² of stone. No additional equipment is required except product drying rooms. For this feature plant, we recommend that the installation and storage area should be at least 3.000 m². This area does not need to be overlapped. Concrete floors should be at least 1/3 of the total area. With the help of an experienced work team, load-transfer and clearance-like tasks, we do all of these tasks ourselves without interference.  
Concrete Machine
171,600 55,414
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
Date: 2019-09-24
COMPACT / Vess Eco 5.1 Semiautomatic System Unit. One bunker-semi-automatic system, paddle shifting system mechanical, raw material system fully automatic. Daily Production 5.000 units 20-unit block, Concrete Production Capacity 15 m³ / h Shipping Volume 1 x OT Container - Place of Installation 55 m2 - Total Capacity 22 Sq - Padding Size 55 x 115 and maximum 6 persons working in production. Designed for 24 hour work. By changing the shape, all types of heights from 2 cm to 25 cm can be produced. Products needed for the construction of the new generation of Compact installations: Ready made concrete - Roofing tile - Block - Boiler - Floor and garden walls and other products can be manufactured in one unit. With the help of an experienced work team, load-transfer and clearance-like work without your intervention .. MEGA EXPORT-GE does all this work on your behalf.

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