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Blokis danadgari.dazga.samqro.stanoki
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Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
Date: 2019-10-30
For sale VESS brand, 10.1 fully automatic unit; Designed for 24 hour operation. Special automated engines have very fast and high quality production capacity. To change the shape only from 2 cm / 40 cm to all height; Boilers - Block - Isoblok - Curbs - Interlocking tile - Fireplace stone and concrete can be manufactured. Daily volume (in 8 hours) 10.000 units / 700 m² of stone. No additional equipment is required except product drying rooms. For this feature plant, we recommend that the installation and storage area should be at least 3.000 m². This area does not need to be overlapped. Concrete floors should be at least 1/3 of the total area. With the help of an experienced work team, load-transfer and clearance-like tasks, we do all of these tasks ourselves without interference.  
Concrete Machine
171,600 63,424
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
Date: 2019-09-24
COMPACT / Vess Eco 5.1 Semiautomatic System Unit. One bunker-semi-automatic system, paddle shifting system mechanical, raw material system fully automatic. Daily Production 5.000 units 20-unit block, Concrete Production Capacity 15 m³ / h Shipping Volume 1 x OT Container - Place of Installation 55 m2 - Total Capacity 22 Sq - Padding Size 55 x 115 and maximum 6 persons working in production. Designed for 24 hour work. By changing the shape, all types of heights from 2 cm to 25 cm can be produced. Products needed for the construction of the new generation of Compact installations: Ready made concrete - Roofing tile - Block - Boiler - Floor and garden walls and other products can be manufactured in one unit. With the help of an experienced work team, load-transfer and clearance-like work without your intervention .. MEGA EXPORT-GE does all this work on your behalf.

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