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Tbilisi | Beauty & Sports
Date: 2023-09-27
The beauty salon has been operating for almost three years and already has a reputation. It has its own client base and professional staff. I am selling because I often have to leave the country for some time and, as you know, this business needs attention. The salon is located in a centre of Tbilisi , Vake. near roung garden "mrgvali bagi" Area 150 sq. Rent tax 3000 gel The salon is equipped with quality furniture: 8 manicure tables - made of natural wood 3 pedicure corners - 2 soft seats and 1 small room with a special bed for smart pedicure. It is also useful for podiology. 1 laser room - furnished 2 stylist corners and there is room for a 3rd stylist if you wish. 1 shampoo chair. 1 large bar reception desk - natural massive wood. Sterilization - autoclave, water distiller, packing machine. Materials, trucks, lamps, chandeliers, everything will be transferred to the property of the business owner. Neon lights individually designed by the designer. Branding- As for the brand name, 'Paloma' is already familiar to many. The logo is made by the famous designer Vladimir Kobakhidze with a font created individually for this salon. Gift vouchers, business cards are assembled. If the name and logo are yours and you don't want to change them, then I will keep Paloma's name and logo. Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok pages have been set up (I will attach links and you can look at the works and see what specialists you will be dealing with) Staff: One stylist works 6 days a week Second stylist in quora for 2 days. Manicure specialist - four One manicure table is rented to a specialist who has his own customers and 90% of his customers use our other services. One laser specialist (he works with his own equipment and materials) Two administrators Two housewives are assigned to take care of the salon and sterilize the instruments all day The salon is assembled, everything from ordering materials to taking photos is handled by the administrators. In case of interest, we will provide you with all kinds of financial and other documents, as well as detailed cost accounting of how much furniture and equipment were purchased or made.

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