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Batumi | Nutrition Industry
Date: 2024-04-19
Ready-made business in Batumi. Operating company, with no debts or loans, with a good reputation and quality products. Clients: mainly restaurants, as well as several supermarket chains, shops. Productivity 10+ tons per month. HACCP standardization. Izhitsa z115A smoking chambers, drying chambers and a vacuum stuffer Izhitsa, German Konti cutter and sausage stuffer, numerous peripheral equipment, cold and freezer rooms, commercial equipment, a distribution vehicle with a refrigeration unit, and more. The raw material supplier is located in the neighboring premises, no delivery required. We will guide you into the business, provide consultations, and transfer it along with the clients. Upon request, we will send a detailed description of the equipment, photos, and videos.
95,000 35,543
Gurjaani | Nutrition Industry
Date: 2023-08-12
We are offering the opportunity to purchase 100% equity in LLC 'Kumbati' (Identification Number: 428522841). The company's assets include: 15,000 Liters (15 tons) of Saperavi, 2021 Vintage: This wine is the winner of one of the most prestigious wine awards - The London Wine Competition 2022 - and has been awarded the Silver Medal. The wine is stored in a stainless-steel tank with a volume of 15 tons. 3600 Bottles of Saperavi, 2020 Vintage: We are exporting this wine to Germany and re-exporting it to Portugal. You can also find this wine in four locations of a chain wine market in Tbilisi. The wine has been properly bottled and labeled in compliance with the regulations outlined in the Georgian wine law. We take pride in using 'Diam 5,' one of the finest available corks, which possesses exceptional properties suitable for aging wine. Our choice of 'Diam 5' ensures the preservation of the wine's quality and allows it to mature gracefully over time. We store the bottled wines on pallets, placing them in 6-bottle boxes. In total, we have six pallets, each holding 600 bottles, resulting in a total of 3600 bottles. This entire batch of wines is certified for export with a VI-1 certificate issued by the Georgian Wine Agency. Additionally, the batch possesses all the necessary documents, including approval after degustation, ensuring its compliance with export regulations and quality standards. The company is a member of Gs1 Georgia and the International Beverage Network. The price also includes the website, Instagram, and Facebook pages. For future sales of other wines, we have prepared four distinct wine labels suitable for a total of 11 different wine varieties. The company is located in the village of Mukuzani, in Kakheti, where a large winery provides us with the full winemaking process service, and we have access to thousands of tonnes of wine fermentators and all the necessary equipment for winemaking.
48,110 18,000
Tbilisi | Nutrition Industry
Date: 2023-07-24
A pizzeria for sale on Saburtalo, Mikheil Shavishvili street. The space is rented. You can continue working where the pizzeria is located (rend $600 per month. Area 30m), or move the oven and the equipment where you want. The price is $18,000, which is negotiable with the real buyer. Price includes: - Wood-fired pizza oven, which is useful not only for pizza. Dimensions: 2.18m x 2.08m, height 2.4m - All the necessary equipments: storage room, refrigerator, tools - Company (Juridical person, changing a founder is possible) - High-rated accounts on Glovo, Volt (9.4) and Bolt-Food The pizzeria worked for 7-8 months, sales reached 30 pizzas a day. Almost all sales were online, without advertising. 2 tables can be placed outside and also 3 seats at the bar. Unfortunately, it was a new thing for us and we couldn't handle it. An experienced, knowledgeable specialist can easily handle this business. We also consider cooperation, for example, if you have experience in the pizza production, we are ready to give you a certain share and allow you to operate and manage the pizzeria.

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