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Mill Factory
Kutaisi | Manufacturing
Date: 2021-11-27
For sale in st. Mill factory located at # 274 Tsereteli Street in Kutaisi, former bread maker, production is located in a five-story building located on 17456 square meters and auxiliary buildings, with a total area of ​​3790 square meters. Its capacity is 180-200 tons in 24 hours, the building is additionally equipped with a second small mill for the production of black flour, flour, located in the production area: 1) 4 units of wheat storage capacity of 2500 tons with a total capacity of 10000 tons. 2) 92 units of 60-ton wheat storage with a total capacity of 5520 tons. 3) 2228 square meters of flat aluminum alloy asphalted warehouse space. 4) 35 MW overhead power transmission line with a length of 1234 meters, with a technical condition of 1.2 MW, with a capacity. With 1.6 MW power substation. 5) Railway lane 955 meters long, with its own heat pump TGM2M. The production has its own water supply.
Factory for dried and shock frozen herbs, berries and fruits
1,393,515 450,000
Zestafoni | Manufacturing
Date: 2021-10-13
Location: Kharagauli (58 A King Solomon Street) Company has long-term experience of exporting Organic Certified and Conventional products in EU, USA, Middle East and Asian countries. Initially the factory was established for small scale production of herbal teas, spices, sauces and jams. Facility is equipped with herbal and fruit driers, freezers, cold storage containers, sorting line, washers and other equipment required for production. Also small scale equipment for herbal teas, spices, sauces and jams. Total area is 4300 sq.m. Main building is 600 sq.m, 1st floor is 300 sq.m dedicated for production, 2nd floor has 2 bedrooms and 2 master bedrooms with its own shower & toilet, also office space, kitchen, conference room and training room and large veranda next to the riverside (Can be used as a hotel also). There are also other buildings within the facility yard, which are useful for production purposes. Company prefers to sell only 40 or 50% of shares and not the entire business.
Hydro-mechanization Machine-building Factory
Batumi | Manufacturing
Date: 2020-03-17
AREAS, LOCATION, BUILDINGS Area of land: 78668 m2 Distance: • from Poti sea-port : 1.2км • from Poti Railway station: 2.5км • from electrical substation : 0.2км There are 14 administrative and warehousing buildings on the land. Total building area: 29721 m2 The area of the largest building: 16128 m2 TRANSPORTATION AND OTHER COMMUNICATIONS The area is equipped with: • Three branches of railway • Internal roads • High Voltage Electricity • Natural gas, water, internet UTILIZABILITY OF LAND, BUILDINGS AND INFRASTRUCTURE • To produce different products and items. • Warehouse, store and process various cargoes, including containers, using the opening of the site and the building, adapting them for this purpose, as well as for the parking of vehicles and construction equipment. • For simultaneous use for both production and logistics purposes. • To create a free industrial zone by extending the area (possibility adding up to 10 additional hectares) • To organize a wholesale base for trade in different products and goods
forging production
1,050,000 339,071
Tbilisi | Manufacturing
Date: 2019-12-29
The company carries out artistic processing of metal rolls with the latest German production software for metal working. Kopmania offers black metal luggage and decorative and functional products (doors, gates, railings, bars, stairs, stairs, metal furniture). The company provides professional design and design of structures, installation, painting of metal structures in a unique way with special German paints, which means aging in six basic colors (gold, copper, silver, etc.). The paint has the best adhesion to stainless steel, nonferrous metals, including aluminum and its alloys and carved surfaces. The company performs the doors of the Holy Trinity Cathedral, Rustaveli State Theater, Rustaveli State Museum of Modern Art, Conservatory facade windows and doors, Royal Theater Theater balconies, Khashmi and Ninotsminda church doors, "Urban" and "Sheikhvelde" restaurants. Nearby hypermarket "Goodwill" Ali Building Staircase, Gori Central Square Fountain, Central Door of Kazan Church of God, Dirbi Monastery, Hotel "Park Hotel" in Kutaisi, Didube Pantheon Fence, Shopping Center in Gagarin Square, Bookmaker "Imperial", Hotel "Lile", Hotel "Lile" Sukhia " Tournament complex in Gudauri, private bookings in almost all cities of Georgia and also in New York, Atlanta, Switzerland and others. Price: $ 350000

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