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Construction project: Residential House on Hippodrome 4,500,000 USD
Tbilisi | Building Materials/Construction
About project 23-storey residential house near the old hippodrome. There are 20 residential floors,1 commercial and 2 floors for underground parking. The building is located near the road. A company owns 2,405 m2 land. After completion of construction, the residential space will be 8,235.78 m2. There will be 185 apartments and 80 garages. Most of the apartments are about 40-50 sq.m. In addition to the residential units, the first floor of the project includes a commercial space, where a 200 sq.m. full service gym is located with university sized swimming pool, sauna room, locker rooms, and weight training areas; a supermarket and three private offices are also available on this floor. Vehicle parking is planned to be offered via two levels of underground stalls, with 80 parking spaces. Additionally, the building will be enclosed in an aesthetic, but functional security wall, enclosing a private park, and patrolled by 24/7 on-site security. The company has completed a full scale geological survey, which included an engineering analysis of the underground soil and ground composition. The analysis found that the site is indeed suitable for a project of this magnitude, with no remarkable objects or artifacts discovered underground. The maximum period of construction is 2 years.

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