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Hotel in Svaneti
450,000 145,316
Tbilisi | Hotels
Date: 2019-08-14
For sale or invested in a museum, business concept for tourism: in Svaneti, 9 km from Mestia, one of the most active tourist zones in the village. 2 storey (150 m 2 large) 2 storey private house in Latali, semi-white frame of a private house with engineering and architectural project (yard area: 910 m2), with beautiful nature and views. In order to attract a continuous flow of tourists to the hotel, the owner offers the buyer or investor the right to use his or her own art collection (under the relevant legal agreement), thereby ensuring that almost all tourists interested in Svaneti are attracted: to view the exhibition space, to book a hotel and so on. Mave Hotel for tasting original gastronomic dishes. It will also be interesting and profitable to arrange MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) appropriate conference room for tourism development in the area. The advantage of a museum concept over a conventional tourism business is that almost all tourists, especially foreigners, always prefer to visit local cultural landmarks: museums, museums and any exhibition space. Exhibition and museum activities at the proposed hotel will be one of the main driving factors for ensuring a constant flow of tourists. The same building has been established since 2014 in the “Parajian Art-Memorial House Museum”, which cannot function due to the lack of funds for the renovation and renovation of the house museum. In addition, state structures have already approved the shortest tunnel plan to connect Svaneti, which will cut into the bottom of the Lahil mountain in the same village. price: 150000

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